Monday, December 5, 2016

...that swing

So glad to see these happy smiles.  Our big guy has had a harder time with this short-term living arrangement than anyone else in the family.  His style is to connect deeply with just a few close buds and there haven't been many boys his age around us here...  and how do you go deep with someone you know you're going to leave so soon?  These smiles are like medicine to remember.

This tree + swing + lawn + grass + sunshine + smiling giggly kiddo combo just can't be beat. 

But we did find a minor (or possibly, major?) improvement to the classic Underdog.

The K vote for best swing thing is the circle swing around.  100% that swing chair in the carnival type ride feel...  but somehow better.  

And the kids decided there needed to be something of a race around the track for runners and swingers.  

And that a little baseball mitt tag to the bottom end of the swinger would add a bit more fun to the whole experience for everyone as well.  

Five Star Family JOY.

so, soo grateful!

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