Monday, July 4, 2016


The moment of reconciliation...  after some sweet guy was climbing a rock and mom thought he was with dad's group and dad thought... and well... we found him and mom cried and ....

two trees is not quite enough for two hammocks.  
Worth a try... and the boys made a mostly fun hammock war out of the opportunity.  

That this beauty is just an hour and half from our house is a bit shocking.   #magnificentcreation

This is Vivi's "best friend outside our family, because of course Marian is my best friend in our family."

There were lots of cheeks kissed in this little photo shoot and to end it all, both beauties needed a little wipe down.  

our neighbor kids are just exquisite!  Love these little friends!

Sweet ladies... I asked if they're sisters and nope, just friends.  (But matchy friends are especially special!)

She recently heard a challenge of one girl who wanted to jump 1000 times... and she's following hard that way.

Isaiah's always drawn to this- painting Chinese calligraphy at a park with a huge water brush. 

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