Sunday, April 17, 2016

little bits of life here...

So fun to get to host a baby shower for these two beautiful mamas.  They're both heading back to the states this week and will be sorely missed...
Tears come quick when I think of this one leaving.  My near neighbor Jeannine is a precious sister, an extraordinary gift of a friend in my life.    Good thing she'll be back!!
Jeannine's big girl is Marian's favorite little friend and I'm so grateful Marian's been able to be a "mama's helper" once a week to help auntie Jeannine through a very busy season as she's been preparing to head back to the states.  

In the middle of moving apartments (for these dear friends) the dads took a morning off on a national holiday here to play baseball with the local university team and mamas and kiddos went to cheer them on.  It was a good thing for all of us to take a break!  

I love how this delighted-in daughter finds and celebrates beauty (and fun!  She's big on creating and indulging in FUN!)
Finally, a smile!  This is her look 99.2% of the time...  I'm really not liking her fussy camera, no-smiling stage.  Oh, but I do absolutely adore and delight in her!!
cherished, sweet boy...  closing in on the seven year mark! 

Rock tossing
What else do you do when a roadside stop is your play place for an afternoon at the mountains, because the mountain valley roads were all blocked for mud and late snow?  We did walk around here too... checked out the cows and the horses nearby , flew some borrowed kites and arranged a "fort" in the thorn bushes!
quiet smile on our big guy.  oh how I love him!
and oh my! how I love him too!

I told myself I really needed to write and mark our anniversary this year with a long lavish post on the blog:  all the gooey sweet wonderfulness of my husband.  But the day passed- a dozen years of covenanted love- and it went unpublished.  It was celebrated though.   Oh for every day to be celebrated with thanks and joy and beauty and giving, loving, laughing, serving each other, serving together and always, seeking Christ together.  I still can't believe I get to be married to this man.  Blessed, blessed, blessed me.  
And today... is another mile marker to mention:  2 years in our home in this beautiful province.  Our landing was a time marked by so much grace and evident care from a Sovereign Father that we have felt sustained by that knowingness- knowing that this is where He wants us, where He's put us for this season.  The Lord has tucked into these 24 months many deep joys- such grace of friendships here!- and He's allowed hard, extended, complicated struggle and sorrow and several stretches of a dim grey fog of "Really, Lord?  What are we doing here??" but through it all, we count it a privilege to be His ambassadors in this patch of darkness and we lean in to His heart to commit ourselves again:  Take all that we are and do with us as you please, your best plan for your glory here in us and among these people.  All by your grace, all for your glory.  Lord do as you desire.  You are worthy!  Be glorified here.

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