Friday, July 17, 2015

Oh! Summer Days

Our crew here is getting dark, perfect farmer tans only they're earning them not in rows of crops but on the baseball field.  Matt has our big three at 5 mornings of baseball a week and Vivi is in school for 4 mornings too so I'm getting some time.... alone, quiet, to think, to finish things, to read, to be... (did I mention it) alone?

I almost don't know what to do with myself.  I Love It. There's projects to finish and so many words I'd love to read and words I'd love to write.  And not all of it's getting done.  But I'm grateful.   And I still have a bit more time...

We've also had friends to visit.  Precious friends from out of town (Can't believe I didn't get better shots of the girls altogether!  The boys are below.)  and some sweet fellowship with families in town too.  And the recent joy in local friendships?  There are stories to be shared elsewhere.  Crazy, amazing, wonderful grace!

happy fourth! 

Words that I've been loving so far this summer-

Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus (by Nabeel Qureshi) Such a helpful read for anyone wanting to know more about Islam and wanting to understand how Islam can be called a "religion of peace" when the IS is dead set on slaughter in the name of Islam.  I loved getting to see the elegance and piety and sincerity of Qureshi's parents in the book, and how Qureshi explained the differences in generations and cultures that he grew up in and around.  My favorite part-  the hunger that grew and demanded that he must find what is True about God.  

Saving Leonardo (by Nancy Pearcy).  Crazy good.  Every youth pastor needs this.  And every parent.  And every Christian who wants to be able to make any sense out of this world today and how easily duped we all can be by crowds and currents and pretty pictures.  I'm just getting into this one and feel profoundly blessed to be able to read these pages of such wisdom and insight.  Grateful for this woman who has taken such time to pour out her understanding in these pages.

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