Monday, April 27, 2015

bases loaded

We feel enormously privileged to get to interact with our kiddos and other awesome kids in our community for our business here.  So so grateful for this...  (This Sat was week #2)

This is the most beautiful field we've played on in China... complete with snow capped mountains behind the stands and shade on the other side, for the mama crowd to sit and chat and watch.  

And don't miss the turkeys (back left)... first we've seen or even heard of here!  They were serious in their role as cheerleaders for the kids doing their practice drills... so goofy hilarious to all of us watching.

"So... how are you supposed to hold your glove?"

And when the fun on the field was all done, three of us families headed out for a bit more playtime together before dinner.  Here's a few scenes from our walk to the bus stop.  (Yes, one day, I really do need to get over my awkwardness for taking pictures of local life...  it just feels rude to me even though I think most locals consider it a great honor to have their pictures taken.)

So grateful not only for precious friends here, but also for the kids our little crew connects with here from our home culture and language.... all. such. gift.  

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