Wednesday, January 28, 2015

welcome sunshine

lots of fun with friends... so fun to have Leu Gardens for our baker's dozen kiddos exploration morning

this crowd wasn't so up for standing still for a pretty picture (just the big boys here)
I remember my special lunch with Judy on this beautiful back patio over nine years ago, rejoicing together that the Lord was knitting a little one (Isaiah!) within me.
couldn't be cooler.... staying at this beautiful place, with Bart and Judy, and just enough space for a bit of baseball in an open lot across the street.  And that we got to fill out that baseball diamond with the dear friends above?  Pure Gift. 
this crew.... more amazing joy!  We totally love these precious friends.... We feel so grateful for their love for the Lord and their joy to pray for good work. Such a super fun crowd to get to hang with!   
we're just an hour from the coast but we've only made it there once so far.  Such a treat to meet up with family who were also vacationing there....  bummer that I got wayyyy too few pics that day!

There are just never enough photos...  I tend to take a heap more photos when I'm alone with my kids.  And when we're with others, I'm usually hoping to sneak in some thoughtful conversation (if even only a tiny bit possible!).  But I miss photos of more of the people we love.  Each of these places has spectacular people that crown these places with such joy.  We are so crazily blessed with amazing friends!

And one tiny note for the record....  we've been having lots (and lots) of fun here.  But the kids and I have been missing Matt.  He's been loving seminary classes this month and we've been enjoying sweet visits with lots of dear friends most every evening so we are super excited that we'll get four days family vacation this coming weekend with just one family, dear friends to be with.  It will be sweet to linger with this cool family and get rest time for just our family.  The introvert in me is screaming for some down time....  we are so looking forward to this weekend!

These guys know how to enjoy lush grass and warm sweet sunshine.  I love that Vivi invited me simply "lay down by me."  We didn't have to do anything at all... just be there together.  Perfect.

And I think those two dreamers give me a sweet chance to give a little shout out for a great new song I think you really must hear.  Our friend Rhetta Jane has just released her first song on iTunes....  Saturday Dreamin.  Because who doesn't need a soundtrack and little encouragement for some sunny Saturday fun?  I think it might become a favorite for some K family dance nights... "Roll that top down, pedal to the ground..."  Way to go Rhetta Jane!

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