Wednesday, July 16, 2014

July... so far

Evening reading with Daddio

Argh... this blogging slump!  I don't know if I've had such a slow blogging stretch anytime in the past five years or more!?  It's been busy lately and I'm still just getting in the groove with new things in our new place, new town...  I do smile and dream of getting to share more here again in not too much more time.  I miss sharing and recording our family journey and processing things here...  Hopefully there will be more chance to post soon!
We got a sweet visit with these dear friends...  

Perfect Ten.... (in synchronized downhill hiking.)

These two are so super cute together!  Their goofy humors are so similar and they bring out the silly best in each other.  

This guy went from "I only love baseball" to "dad, could we just kick the soccer ball around instead of playing catch this time?" in just the past few weeks.  Thanks to FIFA, Germany, and inspiring local and Tennessean friends!  
And then there's this bunny....  "Cloudy" has taken over in our hearts and home this week.  Pictures next post, hopefully.  Matt and I count it as the ideal pet experience that we get to watch our friends' bunny for a week while they're gone to impress on our kiddos how very much work pets are!  We really could be pet people.  We are animal lovers.  But it's just the limited space, no yard, 4 kids to clean up after already stuff that gets in the way of us having big pets.   Still,  there is a turtle buying outing that still needs to happen somewhere in our future since we left John's two turtles in our last city.  (But you know, it still might be a while...)

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