Tuesday, April 22, 2014

our new city

Words are just not adequate to tell of our wonder and joy of finally being here…  The Lord has worked wonders to bring us here and we count this grace towards us as a magnificent joy and privilege.

Some pieces of life here…

We arrived to a warm spring… and then it snowed 4 days later, mid April.  

Mountains hoover in close around us

Street side butchers, with their next (still live) meat, abound

The Lord has given us all friends here already- English speaking friends- and many cute local friends, especially for our kiddos! (happy praise!)

Potholes:  driving here is just as chaotic and thrilling and video-game-ish as in our last city, except with the added bonus of vehicle-eating potholes.  This ups the challenge level…. and slows the speed :)

Music and Meals that we love…

Fresh bread and loads of fresh fruit available downstairs from almost everywhere 

Learning to live with two times…  The majority go by Capital City Time.  The minority group go by local time.  2 hours different. 

We are not in a new country, but the culture feels so super different here….  like this is the place we were made to be.  Tears of gratefulness and wonder at the Plan Maker...

These photos do no justice whatsoever to the beauty around us but I've just been distracted with all the crazy chaos of moving….   I'm super eager to share more pics here as they come!


  1. Your new city, my old one (haha). I am just glad to hear that you guys made it safely. Have you found a home yet? I will be keeping you all in my thoughts as you settle in, and hopefully we can meet up the next time I come through town. Say 'hi' to friends for me.

  2. So so sweet, Jill! Love that you feel like it's the place you were made to be. Praise to Him!