Tuesday, December 3, 2013

a teary good-bye

We feel blessed so lavishly by the Lord to give us these grandparents for our children.... and so lavishly by blessed by them!  That they would fly half way around the world, endure the 12 hour time switch, slog through traffic and pollution with us, battle tummy bugs and the sweet humility of being an infant with no speaking ability (but handy- to have grandkids that can translate!  Even Vivi got her chance to help grandma!)...Then, too, all gifts upon gifts that you gave.  We are so blessed by these tremendous parents/grandparents.  Dale & Mary, we praise the Lord for the blessing you are.

The photos below are just a smattering of memories made together... bummer I didn't have my camera with me for the French Chocolate Temptation and the kids savoring that with you, or the red emperor / empress outfits that how many little photography staff girls helped you two get into?  Though I know for the latter, it would have been best not to post them even if I did get any! 

this boy is so committed to, so deeply devoted to and in love with his grandparents
and he's good at photo bombing!

these two got a walk and shop outing together to buy a few trinkety gifts for siblings
(she loves gift giving like her grandma)

oh yes, and "the best toy ever in the world" Nerf bow and arrow and the zaney archer

Vivi is officially addicted to Patty Cake and "Little to Market" and the tickles that come for "all the way home"
snuggle muffin
and a new card game!  Thanks for teaching us King in the Corner
and thanks for all the good reads...

Thanks to the crazy gift giving family of ours who sent the LEGO Millenium Falcon for the boys
that crazy Lego package.....  he didn't want to do anything else till it was finally built

Mary Lyn(n) the perfect doll for the girl with Mary and Lynn grandmothers

lots of love for the littlest treasure monkey
We love you so much dear YeYe and NaiNai.  I hope the volcanic activity on your flight path home doesn't keep you grounded in Beijing for long!  It feels terrible knowing you're in country but not in our home!  We love you so!!!

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