Thursday, April 4, 2013

Little Ten Percent

When we were in the states last fall, Vivi had her second ever visit to a doctor.... such grace that she's been so healthy since we just don't have clean and comfy medical facilities so easily available here.  And when we went, we were surprised to find out how little our littlest love was.  10% for age for weight (and so Matt called her that as a nickname.) We've never had a small kiddo before!  She's always eaten lightly and played happily and we've never been concerned but it is strange to hear occasional comments about skinny legs on a baby of ours!

But she might not be so petite if she keeps up her recent trends.  Du Laoshi, her teacher,  told me last week when I picked up the kids right after lunch, "we think maybe you need to feed Xi Chen (her Chinese name) a little more at home.  She's eating as much as a 4 year old.  She just keeps asking for more."  I told her that in recent weeks, she's been eating everything we put in front of her, with common requests for seconds and thirds at home too.... and yes, we do give her as much as she will eat!

And since I didn't write much about her growth at her birthday post I'll add a bit now about our darling...  She sings.  She loves to sing to herself and I'm always mesmerized by her sweet voice.  We recently bought fish (a birthday present "for daddy") and she sang to me about the one she named "Mo Mo a fish... Mo Mo a fish..."  (Momo is Vivi's way to say Nemo.)  She loves school now and wants to go every morning... eager to say bye bye to mama even!  At bedtime she often tucks a baby under the covers on top of her tummy or right beside her.  And, so precious, she's quick to say "Thank You" (or Day Doo, as she says it).    Sometimes she tells me Day Doo after the first sock and the second.... she just says it and likes to say it often and it deeply delights my heart and teaches me the goodness of gratitude every time I hear it from her sweet lips.

And she's a ham.  Recently she told me "Look-it Mama, I do this" and then commenced the rocker move with her head (but L to R instead of front to back) her wispy hair swishing over her face.  Another favorite move, her signature sillyness is this:  a sibling asks her "Vivi, are you cold?" and she opens her eyes WIDE, grits her teeth with an almost smile, and gives a shiverry face.  Everyone laughs.  She. Loves. It.

And we love her....  wonderfully terrifically much!

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