Tuesday, November 1, 2011

our little chivalrous one

This boy is so much fun, such a delight to each of us and I think, to everyone who knows him...

I love sitting across from him at the table and watching his joy in his daddy.

John has a wacky ridiculous sense of humor.  I don't know where he comes up with some of his goofiness... though "funny faces" at the table is entirely instigated by Daddy- a fun tradition for us.

 A dear friend recently recommended "Bonhoeffer:  Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy" by Eric Metaxas.  (It's wonderful!  Such a joy and inspiration to read, and a pleasure to read "with" a friend even at such a distance.  Thank you LS!)

Metaxas shared some sweet bits that siblings remembered about Bonhoeffer from when he was very young.  When I first read some of it I was a bit skeptical.  What real live toddlers show such chivalry as to defend their sisters from creatures (bugs) or encourage others with selfless words of love and serve them with bravery?  But I've been taken aback to realize that there are some real-live evidences of such grace in the sweet little boy here in our home.

This week when Marian missed Daddy (whose had too many evening classes this semester, come quickly final exams!) John told her "It's ok Ma-yin.  Daddy be home soon.  Cuddle you.  Ok?"  He invited Vivi to sit with him in the basket that used to be her bed, that for this instant was fashioned into a boat for John to sail the seven seas.  He held her close to him and then let her scoot to her side of the ship.  But every few seconds he'd hug her again and put his head next to hers, like he did in his photo with her on our patio a few posts back.

We've had a guest this week and when he joins us at the table in the morning, John points out every item on the table, "Do you want bagels? apples?"  This morning when Isaiah asked me about a watch that he loved that's been missing for months, John replied "I'll find it.  I look for it, k?"

And he is brave too... the big kids were just playing together:  May a bunny, John a frog and Isaiah a lion.   Isaiah jumped out roaring at them and the bunny and frog came running to mama, squealing-shaking with delight-fear.  Then Isaiah said, "Now John is the lion" and right away he roared a (not) terrible roar and showed his (not) terrible claws and chased them both around the living room.  The big brother and sister roared and squealed with pure delight.  And I was impressed one again with our boy.  May he be just so brave for our Lord.

What an honor it would be if the Lord would raise up our John like he did Dietrich Bonhoeffer.   May John know and love, praise and proclaim the goodness and sovereignty of our God like Bonhoeffer.  May each one of our kids...

Oh, and it must also be mentioned that although Bonhoeffer's biography is super inspiring, he was no super-human.  And neither is our ordinary-wonderful, sinful, precious, everyday-disciplined John.

Here's some proof that he's not the only one having fun (or getting messy!) at the breakfast table...

This little girl is a crazy banana addict these days and, right now, she's really into this little mesh bag toy-thing that she slurps her banana out of.  (Sorry for any of you who might be like Matt, and get a bit queezy if you look long at this gooey mess all over our girl.  Her smile is still worth posting to me!)

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