Wednesday, September 14, 2011

missing Blythe

My Aunt Blythe, social glue of our family, elegant-til-the-end matriarch of my Denver family (the extensions my mom's family) passed away this Sunday morning.  Oh how much, how fiercely I hate death.  Hate grief.

(I should have noted at the beginning of this video that, in my memory, 
this was "Blythe's Song" for all the little people she loved....  
she sang it to many more than just our Marian.)

We skyped with Blythe this past Sunday morning our time, Saturday evening for her.  It was honestly super surprising that it happened b/c we're usually such a fiasco at our house around that time but this one Sunday (we hosted 20 people an hour after our call for worship and lunch) it miraculously worked.  A treasured gift- clearly arranged and provided for by the Lord- that we could see her that evening.

In my last discussions and emails with my aunt, I shared with her again the message of the Bible: God's holiness, Christ's death and resurrection, his saving love for her.  And now....  with a heart heavy with missing her, saddness, and sorrow for this distance, I continue in hope and prayer.  I wish I was with my family there to grieve together, to cherish Blythe memories with you, to take care of you in your grief....  Much much love to you precious family of mine.

We will miss you dearly, Blythe.

Vivian Hope, nearly 6 mo, wearing the red jacket that Great Aunt Blythe bought for Marian 

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  1. What a sweet post, so honoring to your dear Aunt Blythe. We are grateful for your precious Skype time with her... praying for you, Jill, as you grieve.