Monday, July 14, 2008

summer vacation- the train ride home

What a blessing to be able to stay in a friend's apartment, near the coast, for a few days of play and rest. We greatly enjoyed the time having fun with our sweet kiddos, reading, relaxing, and seeing just a few neat sites.

The coast was kind of a wacky one-- solid green with some sort of algae invasion. They called in the army (the street outside our apartment had approx. 50 troop carrier trucks lined up) and hundreds- maybe thousands? honestly, it was a lot!- of soldiers were working hard down at the shore, shoveling the green away. More photos coming...

One of the highlights for Isaiah was the train ride there and back. On the ride home, he was the entertainment for about three cars full of passengers while he wildly, joyfully ran up and down the aisle along with a little boy who, for those moments, became Isaiah's best friend. Marian couldn't have been happier to see her brother having so much fun!