Thursday, March 6, 2008

The Fish Party

Could it be that our baby boy is so close to manhood already? Well, manhood is a stretch ... but he is clearly well beyond "baby". Pieces fell together (by fantastic sovereign arrangement!) for Nainai ("grandma"- Matt's mom, Mary) to come for a visit and so we celebrated Isaiah's second birthday a little early with her.

Our boy is pretty into fish these days so we had a fish party. The evening started with seven of his little friends collaborating on an ocean scene on poster paper and then each contributing a fish to make the scene complete. Then we moved on to eating like fish... bobbing for apples. It didn't go over all that well, but a few brave ones followed Matt's lead to launch into the deep in search of their apples and a few were victorious! Lastly, each of the kids got to go fishing for toys- with the broom handle that Matt had rigged up quite nicely as a fishing pole. It was quite a fun evening... only would have been better to have all Isaiah's buddies and family from the states join in!

Isaiah recieved several fantastic gifts for his birthday... not that the boy was really lacking anything before- but it was still fun! His favorites: the guitar from Nainai, a bag of balls, "Mikos Town" (Isaiah's word for Music... the toy is actually "Alphabet Town", a great ABC toy imported by Nainai) and a scooter ("kuzu" to Isaiah) from Mama and Papa... we think he'll grow into it by summer :)