Monday, December 10, 2007

A Hundred Days of May (Mei)

We were glad to get to mark the one hundredth day for our sweetheart baby girl, Marian (who is known here as Mei Lynn), with a great party. We had a fun afternoon together with our friends celebrating God's greatness to give us this sweet little girl.


  1. Oh, Jill! It is so wonderful to see you here, though only in picture! It has been so long, and I have always appreciated how you've kept in touch via letter. You are a beautiful mother, with precious, precious children. Someday I hope to introduce my little Natalie (4) & Owen (2) to your Isaiah and Marian. We hope that the holidays are wonderful for you there.... I think of you OFTEN when I sit at the piano...and how much you played such an important part in my own music ministry. Some months ago, I was able to do the old song by Matt Redman "The Friendship and the Fear" at church with a friend. Remember how you introduced me to him at your little apartment those many years ago? : )

    Time has flown by. So much has happened to each of us, I know, but I still love you the same, my dear, dear friend.

    Hoping to stay connected with you.

  2. What is that thing growing on your face?!