Thursday, October 11, 2007

Ball Heaven

Isaiah really enjoyed our outing to the ball pit at an indoor playground nearby. We took our helper and her family as part of her daughter's birthday gift and the whole group of us had lots of fun together. We are glad for Isaiah to be making friends who speak English and others who speak only the local language.


  1. This looks like so much fun! We'll have to find some exciting places to play in ND! :) We can't wait to see you~ Simon calls Isaiah his "good friend" :).

    I put new pictures on our blog- we had a great time in Williston- and can't wait to add your two and Chris's little one to the math! We'll have 11 kids under the age of 4 if we're all together! :) So many blessings!!!

  2. Oh man, Isaiah jut keeps getting more and more beautiful! Blessings to you both from Texas.

  3. Looks like Isaiah is having almost as much fun as Matt! ;-) Always great to see pictures of your wonderful family.