Tuesday, August 30, 2016

On Fruit & Roots // Motherhood Sacrifices

Everyone looks to the branches.
Isn't beauty what our eyes are first drawn to see?
The rich gain from their marveling,
The wise pause to behold,
The reaching, expansive, demonstrative boughs
Leaves and fruit and blooms,
Such magnificent beauty.
But not in fragility-
We build this faithful sturdiness
Into homes and schools and churches.
Steadfast, upholding,
passing generations.
Such seemingly infinite strength in a tree.

But not you,
You tend to go about unseen.
You daring diver,
Unnoticed nourisher.
The supply line through which the Author pours life.
There'd be no tree without you.
There'd be no fruit or beauty.
No sturdy building
To lean on in years to come.

Thank you for sacrificing
The applause,
The productivity.
For giving up your chance to blow free
Have the wind whistle between your leaves.
Thank you for holding this whole thing together.
Even when
Sleepless nights turn into sleepless months and years
And it feels like your every day service
gets taken for granted.
When your longing for life in the sun
Leaves you almost numb,
You kept at it.
You held on.
You held up.

Every gift has a cost
And you're paying it.
Every battle is won by another loss,
And you've taken it.
There's glory in your sacrifice,
In your humble suffering,
So very much like your King.

Thank you.
and Press On, dear one!

Weary mamas,
By grace, may you take up your crosses
As you love your trees and branches,
Can you count as privilege all your losses?
And take up courage too?
For the One who hung on a tree
Is faithful to you
To be all that you need
As you lay your life down deep
Following Him,
Given for them.

May their lives bear much fruit,
As surely as yours does.
May they rise up
And call you blessed
As they follow the One
Who was raised up for us,
Like a snake on a pole
Who was hung on a tree
To make us whole
And holy,
Forgiven by blood,
He speaks over us now,
rushing waters of love:

"Your labor in the darkness,
Pressed down with every weight,
Your work,
Your life,
Your love,
Are not in vain."

Your trusting obedience makes
A pleasing sacrifice and
For all your heart
poured out in love,
The Father says this to you:
"Well Done."

Blessing, Blessing ~ peace and wisdom, joy and strength ~ be yours in Christ, 
precious and beloved mama friends.  

For my dearly loved, nearly sister J9.  

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