Monday, August 10, 2015

#unplannedparenthood {my birth story}

I was the totally unplanned bundle
the Lord knit together
and breathed into life forever
while he nurtured and developed me
inside her womb.
For me it was a comfy room
to grow.

They told her, he told her
"just have an abortion"
"a single woman can't be bothered"
"I'm married already,
I can't be a father"
to this little living one.

Did they know what that meant?
Did they know that meant death?
It was my beating heart,
my eyes and smile, my brain
that would have been crushed?
that would have been slain?

But she kept me, and loved me
and chose to be bothered
with nine months of stretching
and aching alone.
She chose to give birth
and to give me a home.
She raised me and loved me,
and now I'm all grown
a lover of life
a servant of God,
insanely blessed wife,
mother of four,
and hopeful servant
to many more.

And this whole abortion thing?
O Lord move us to action!
May we, your people,
rush out with compassion
to care for each life,
of mother and child,
to exhort fathers too,
to stick around for a while.

"Come together and see the good plan
of the One who first made
both the woman and man.
He made sex great and
He knows how its best
and his plans for us
are truly to bless.
Oh come to the One
who creates life.
Fear Him who is
both Author
and Judge.
Oh Come to Him
who came to us
who died to show us
His True Love."


  1. Oh the loss to this world and to my family if this mother's mother had heeded th murderous advice of a callous adulterer and comfort-idolizing friends!